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Well, Bree did it again. Last summer, it was Pagani Madness; this year it was a Road to Jimsomare. Last summer, it was Hotel califusa in Cloudy Bay; this year, it was The Redbird Brewing Co. in San Mateo. Last summer’s cast almost doubled this year. And the spirit was every bit as wonderful this summer as it was last. The wines weren’t bad either…
R o a d  T o  G A N G  O F  P O U R
R o a d  T o  F L O W E R S  V i n e y a r d
R o a d  T o  J I M S O M A R E
R o a d  T o  R I D G E  V i n e y a r d s
R o a d T o H A N K H A R R I S M o n t e r e y
R o a d  T o  D E A  F R E I D  S o n o m a
R o a d  T o  B O B  W O O D  P o r t l a n d
R o a d  T o  C H E H A L E M  W i n e r y
R o a d  T o  B E L L E  P E N T E  W i n e r y
R o a d  T o  T A S T I N G  N O T E S


Bree (califusa) and his Jimsomares

Allan Bree and his Jimsomares



We began to gather at the Redbird at 6:30 PM, July 2. Bree pulled ten bottle verticals of Ridge Jimsomare Cabernet Sauvignon CP (the old Cabernet Program) and Zinfandel ATP ATP (Advanced Tasting Program) from his collection; some of the participants also donated bottles of the same. What’s more, attendees brought a veritable plethora of other fine selections, and I never came close to tasting half of them.

Executive Chef Kirke Byers hors d’oeuvres and entrees were first class, but I was so busy taking notes, I would have missed most had it not been for The Director preparing me a care plate. In fact, I didn’t get to interact with the guests nearly as much as I would have liked, but then, I was working. I was going to take notes on all twenty of the Jimsomares, come hell or high water.

Yeah, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it… }:^)>


1998 Rochioli Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc; 13.5 % alc.: I noted less cat spray in this medium straw than in last years model, but a few days later at the winery, there was a lot more. Go figure. There was big spicy pear with a spritz of citrus on the nose and palate` with good acidity. 9-Ball noted distinctive grapefruit while Madame mentioned "pine", and both were right on in that assessment. Like many of its Loire cousins, there was a hint of detergent on the long finish of this world class Sauvignon. We brought four of these home.

1983 S. Anderson Napa Blanc de Blanc from magnum; 12.9 % alc.: This medium straw to pale gold bubbly is not only remarkably well preserved for its age, it’s damned good! Toasty/yeasty/nutty aromatics follow through on the tongue with rich, bold, delicious flavors, good acidity and tons o’ bubbles. Wish I could have lingered long over this…

1994 Weingut Brundlmayer Zobinger Heiligenstein Alte Reben (Riesling; Austria); 12.5 % Alc.: SFJoe always brings great Austrian whites with him to these affairs, and tonight was no exception; he contributed three. This pale straw is smooth and refreshing, with pretty floral/apple/mineral/bees wax characteristics.

1994 Weingut Brundlmayer Gruner Veltliner Ried Loiser Berg; 12.5 % alc.: Another pale to medium straw, with a wee hint of petrol over Granny Smith green apple/mineral flavors and aromas. I found the flavors to be rich and tasty, but Joe said this was a little funky. I’ll take his word for it; he’s had it before. His friend Sharon said this was reminiscent of a "wet bunny." A definite nominee for "Best Tasting Note Descriptor of the Year…"

1994 Josef Jamek Riesling Smaragd Zwerithaler Joching Wachau; 13.5 %: This medium straw shows dry wet stone/green apple character that Joe called rustic, adding "but I like it! Not the highest expression of the varietal, though" Well, I liked it too, and I’d buy some of these, if they were available in Day-twah.



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