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The Gang of Pour is a close-knit group of friends based in the Metropolitan Detroit area (hereafter known as Day-twah), California, Ohio and the wilds of Canada. We gather to enjoy fine wine whenever we can, but don't call us connoisseurs. Rather, we like to think of ourselves simply as explorers who seek out new wines from around the world. 

Initially we were just four friends with a love of vino and a thing for computers, but as time has passed, we've welcomed new compadres from various areas. Besides holding tastings of our own, we also attend and report upon larger events, such as ZAP, Hospice du Rhone, The Family Winemakers, MoCool and more.

We feel that fine wine is best enjoyed and evaluated when we can sip a glass or two leisurely over a period of time, without hurry, in order to more fully appreciate its charms, and to observe how it changes and develops in the glass. We sacrifice quantity of selections sampled, in favor of quality of the tasting experience itself.

And, we never spit...

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